Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

As far as weddings go, the reception is likely to be the most expensive part of the day. Unless you are spending a huge amount for your dress, (in the range of $20,000) then the wedding reception will certainly be the largest cost you will have. There are so many unique wedding ideas that people come up with, but you have to remember that all of these still have a cost. You will need to feed possibly hundreds of people and depending on how popular you and your soon to be spouse are, maybe even thousands of people.

You never really think of what goes into a wedding reception until you are about to plan and pay for your own. So we will walk you through the basics of wedding reception ideas for controlling the cost and making sure that your guest have a wonderful time.

First we would like to suggest a theme for your wedding reception. You can come up with many creative ways to design your reception around a specific theme. For instance a Hawaiian themed reception would have Hawaiian style foods and table setting. You may even have the caterers dressed in Hawaiian clothing. (We will talk about the wedding reception center piece ideas later so make sure to check back for that.) Sort of like in the movie “The Run Away Bride” with the Hawaiian luau.

So you can set up your wedding reception with any type of decorations that you wish, preferably someone else will do this for you since you will want to make sure you are preparing for the clothing and all of the other things involved in the wedding. Decorations for the wedding can be found easily at party specific stores. Such stores as Party City. You will want to also ask the caterer if this can be provided as part of the fee for the food, many will do this for a little extra and some for no extra cost at all. So make sure to ask in advance.

Rental stores will also be a great resource for your reception for things such as chairs and tables, and the occasional rented helium tank, but that’s if you really have some unique wedding reception ideas.

You can also rent many of the other items that will be needed from the reception hall, if you are using one, or the rental stores will usually have the extra things that you will need as well like a microphone for speech time. If you are hiring a DJ for entertainment this will be already be there.

You don’t want to go to far away from your theme though, or else it may just seem like a normal party. make sure that the events of the reception are geared around the bride and the groom, not just a gathering where you get to pay to feed a bunch of people and entertain them. So you can have a great time with your creative and unique wedding reception ideas. Always remember that it is supposed to be your special day and not a free lunch.

Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas For Your Special Day

If you are looking for inexpensive wedding reception ideas, this article will give you some great tips. Planning a wedding reception that does not cost too much is easy when you pick an off-peak season timeframe, leverage connections you already have in the local area, and choose a casual reception instead of a formal sit-down dinner. By the time you have finished reading this article you will be well prepared to plan a wedding reception everyone loves at a fraction of the usual cost.

Often when you are trying to save money on something, you have to accept lesser quality. Not in this case – you can have the exact same quality wedding reception as everyone else for pennies on the dollar by picking an off-peak time for your wedding. Typically the peak season for weddings is in the summer. If you have your wedding in the fall or winter, demand will be lower for all of the wedding related services such as catering, DJ’s, and flowers. The reception space will usually be cheaper too, and you can decorate with a festive seasonal theme that everyone will love.

Another great money saving tip is by taking advantage of your personal connections. You may know someone who is really into photography, for example. You do not necessarily have to convince them to be your wedding photography to save money, but talking to them may reveal some tips about hiring a local photographer for less than you might have spent if you just turned to the “wedding photography” section of the yellow pages. Even if you don’t know any one with those kinds of skills you can still sit down and chat with all of your girlfriends who have already gotten married and ask them to share tips on how they were able to find bargains.

If you are hosting a formal wedding, then unfortunately it is going to cost some serious money. Sit down dinners, elaborate floral arrangements, and expensive entertainment all add up. To save money on your wedding reception, consider toning down the formality and hosting a casual cocktail party or just coffee and cake. Your guests will still enjoy the party and will be freer to mingle with each other than if they were tied down to a place setting for most of the night. Another idea that is less expensive than a sit-down meal is a more casual buffet style dinner, which will allow your guests more variety in the food choices and make sure there is something for everyone.

As you can see, there are a lot of good tips to finding inexpensive wedding reception ideas. You can have the exact same wedding for cheaper by planning it in the fall or winter. You can also leverage your personal connections to find alternative vendors and discounts. And, you can save money by making the reception more of a casual and festive experience instead of an ultra-formal event. Now you are well prepared to save money as you plan your wedding reception.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas and Tips

Any wedding reception requires planning. The beauty with developing outdoor wedding reception ideas is that your choices with this type of reception are almost limitless.

The venue is one of the most beneficial aspects of an outdoor wedding reception. It can take place in any location of your choice and a lot of locations do not even need to be scheduled.

If you are getting married on a tight budget, you can find lots of outdoor wedding venues that are free!

An outdoor wedding reception can essentially be held practically anywhere… from the rose garden of a five star hotel, to a beach, park or even your back yard.

Coming up with creative outdoor wedding reception ideas will help you “dress up” the venue without breaking the bank.

With the proper decor, any location can be transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue. Pool side, lakeside and on the beach are very popular with couples. With these types of wedding locations, always have a backup plan just in case the weather suddenly goes bad.

The “secret” with outdoor wedding venues is to not overdo it. Don’t sabotage the natural beauty of the area by excessive wedding decorations. Have a good look at the site, see what aspects you want to highlight and see which areas you want to “hide”. Then use only those wedding decorations that will get your desired look.

Another very nice part of using an outdoor venue is the catering. Every bride has ideas for making the wedding perfect and the reception definitely plays an important role in all this.

If you are considering an outdoor reception, this is a great opportunity to have a gourmet BBQ and perfect if you want to have a unique wedding reception. Not every catering service offers this, but nowadays you can find many caterers that specialize specifically on this type of service.

Preparing a well-designed menu where the guests select their gourmet BBQ meal served on china with silver, as well as having a rotisserie on the side is sure to leave a lasting impression. BBQ steak and lobster will “taste” even better in this lavish setting.

Creative outdoor wedding reception ideas can make any wedding truly memorable. You just need to think ahead and plan accordingly.