Great Wedding Reception Ideas – Have a Fun Time With Your Guests

Now that you have started your wedding plans finding a place to hold your reception is sure to be among your top priorities, following are some great wedding reception ideas that you can choose from.

If you all ready have a theme for your wedding then the best idea is to carry that over into your reception. Just use decorations and colors that match or compliment your theme.

You can use your reception as the place to introduce your theme, by using butterflies, doves, gold or silver, hearts, roses or lilies. Once you have a theme you will find that your wedding reception ideas will flow more easily.

For great wedding reception ideas for an outdoor wedding think about holding the reception at a botanical garden, butterfly observatory or even in an old romantic barn. Keep in mind that you are trying to create memories that will last you a lifetime, so choose wisely.

If opting for an outdoor reception always have a bad weather plan in mind, in case of rain having a tent that can be erected will be a lifesaver. Keep the decorations in the same outdoor theme, this can be done by adding branches, flowers, pebbles or decorative stones. If lights are required paper lanterns add a wonderful touch of charm to your outdoor wedding.

Other wedding reception ideas for locations can include getting married at a vineyard, a small country inn or retreat centre. Many couples choose to be outside under a beautiful gazebo or by the side of a romantic lake with running water in the background. Whichever location you choose make sure it is accessible for your guests.

Once you have your location picked out and booked then you can start to concentrate on more of your decorating choices.

One of the top wedding reception ideas for decorating is to decorate with colored napkins, flowers, candles and ribbons tied to the back of the chairs. All of these accessories will be in the color that matches the theme and usually the bridesmaid’s dresses as well.

Adding scents to your outdoor wedding by including lavender or lemon verbena tied together in small pots, these would double as wedding favors for your guests. Other great wedding reception ideas for favors are by placing fragrant seed packages or teas wrapped in ribbon at each guests seat. How about using rocks as name places for your guests?

For a beach themed reception use light blue colors for napkins and add torches around your guests table to really make you feel as though you are in a tropical paradise. Starfish and seashells would make great wedding favors here. Use beach themed floating candles for the centerpieces of each table.

There are so many great wedding reception ideas to choose from, just let your mind wander and get your imagination working over time. None of the decorations have to be that expensive, flowers and pebbles can be gathered from the wild and placed in simple clay pots.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for cheap wedding reception ideas, there are a lot of important questions you should consider. After reading this article you will know a lot more about reducing your liquor costs, cutting your guest list down the smart way, and using the staff at your reception hall to your advantage. Read on to see answers to some of the most popular questions.

How Do I Keep My Beverage Costs Down?

Depending on the local liquor laws, you may be able to bring your own liquor to the reception. I am not talking about asking your guests to each bring a bottle of wine or a six pack! Consider going to a discount big box store that offers discounted wine, beer, and spirits and prices that are almost as low as wholesale. By bringing your own to the party you can avoid the outrageous mark-ups charged by most caterers and reception halls, and use the money you save on other parts of your wedding budget.

How Do I Limit My Guest List Appropriately?

The bigger the reception, the more expensive it will be. Sometimes you have to make the hard choice to eliminate some of your guest list in order to provide the kind of reception you want to host. Here is a trick you can use: Make a list of every single person that you would ideally like to share your special day. Now, order the list placing the absolute “must haves” at the top, such as immediate family and your very closest friends. Below those guests, list everyone else in gradually descending order of importance. Now, as you are forced to cut the size of the guest list you can remove people from the bottom. This way you know that no matter how small the list gets, the people who remain on it are the most important to you.

How Can I Avoid the Cost of a Wedding Planner?

If you are planning a large, formal, elaborate ceremony and reception then you will most likely have to hire a professional wedding planner to help you manage the details. Large formal weddings are costly and the amount of details that go into planning them can be overwhelming. However, if you are hosting a smaller more casual event you might be able to leverage the staff at your reception hall. Many hotels that rent their banquet rooms for wedding receptions will have event planning staff that you can use. These professionals have great local contacts for flowers, catering, decorations, and dance music. If you can use their expertise to help you plan the reception then you may not need your own wedding planner at all.

As you can see, finding cheap wedding reception ideas is not all that difficult. With a little creativity and extra legwork you will find that you can throw the same extravagant and luxurious wedding reception as the truly wealthy but at a fraction of the cost. All it takes is some proper management of the beverage costs, guest list size, and cost in planning the details.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Truly unique wedding reception ideas are often hard to come by. In an age where many bride and groom wish for their wedding to be special and truly creative, finding innovative ideas for edding receptions is much sought after.

Much of what you decide to do for your wedding reception party will have to do with your overall wedding plan – your theme. Sticking with a planned theme can often make planning your reception more difficult. For example, throwing a Western cowboy themed wedding makes it difficult to throw a reception at a cozy ski hill resort without breaking with your theme.

The best thing to do is to plan the majority of your wedding events around what you want – your wedding ceremony location and particulars. Since location is probably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, we suggest looking at unique locations first and ask yourself (and the owner) whether those places would fit your wedding reception idea.

Some ideas might be:

Romantic restaurants

Small cruise

Ranch or private home

Sports venue

Private or rented movie theatre


Amphitheatre or outdoor venue (good in sunny weather locales)

Ski Lodge

Cornfield clearing complete with tents and large awnings

There are many ideas for locations for wedding receptions (and weddings for that matter). Once you have selected the proper location, find out if the location supports the number of people for your reception – the entertainment, refreshments, food and people. Why not try customized refreshments, themed wedding favors, even reception games. By being creative with location and your wedding theme, you will find that the rest of the wedding reception planning will fall right into place.