Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas and Tips

Any wedding reception requires planning. The beauty with developing outdoor wedding reception ideas is that your choices with this type of reception are almost limitless.

The venue is one of the most beneficial aspects of an outdoor wedding reception. It can take place in any location of your choice and a lot of locations do not even need to be scheduled.

If you are getting married on a tight budget, you can find lots of outdoor wedding venues that are free!

An outdoor wedding reception can essentially be held practically anywhere… from the rose garden of a five star hotel, to a beach, park or even your back yard.

Coming up with creative outdoor wedding reception ideas will help you “dress up” the venue without breaking the bank.

With the proper decor, any location can be transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue. Pool side, lakeside and on the beach are very popular with couples. With these types of wedding locations, always have a backup plan just in case the weather suddenly goes bad.

The “secret” with outdoor wedding venues is to not overdo it. Don’t sabotage the natural beauty of the area by excessive wedding decorations. Have a good look at the site, see what aspects you want to highlight and see which areas you want to “hide”. Then use only those wedding decorations that will get your desired look.

Another very nice part of using an outdoor venue is the catering. Every bride has ideas for making the wedding perfect and the reception definitely plays an important role in all this.

If you are considering an outdoor reception, this is a great opportunity to have a gourmet BBQ and perfect if you want to have a unique wedding reception. Not every catering service offers this, but nowadays you can find many caterers that specialize specifically on this type of service.

Preparing a well-designed menu where the guests select their gourmet BBQ meal served on china with silver, as well as having a rotisserie on the side is sure to leave a lasting impression. BBQ steak and lobster will “taste” even better in this lavish setting.

Creative outdoor wedding reception ideas can make any wedding truly memorable. You just need to think ahead and plan accordingly.

Wedding Reception Ideas – Hosting a Tea Party Will Be Elegant and Impressive

Looking for wedding reception ideas that will not break your pocket book? Hosting a tea party can suit any wedding reception budget. An afternoon tea party would be scheduled between one and three in the afternoon. High tea, of course would be between five and seven in the afternoon.

Now before you stick you nose up at having an old fashioned tea party for a wedding reception, I think there are several things that you really should consider.

First, tea party wedding receptions are quickly becoming popular for many reasons. Not only can they be indulgent, but, they can fit any budget. And I have a few suggestions up my sleeve that can help you save even more. And in this economy, who could not use a few more dollars toward a honeymoon or house payment?

The modern day tea party can include a tea bar with a variety of hot and cold teas and even tea cocktails. Have friends that are loose leaf tea snobs? Encourage them to bring their own tea and enough to share with and introduce their favorite tea with others, if they would like.

Want to serve alcohol but have a limited budget? Have a Royal tea and serve champagne.

Of course, the food, the decorations, the wedding cake and the favors are the big cost concerns for any wedding. This is where a tea party wedding reception can appear elegant and sophisticated and look like you spent a fortune, when you did it within your budget.

More wedding reception ideas, hosting a tea party will be elegant and impressive.

Take a look at the wedding finger food reception ideas. Think of planning a menu of small finger foods that are easy to pick up, that go with the time of year and time of day you are having the reception. Keep the foods bite size so there is little chance of a mess.

Scones, tea sandwiches, tartlets, mini quiches, eclairs, petit fours are foods we do not eat everyday and when you add the extra special touches such as lemon curd, Devonshire cream, fruit based jams and spreads it is the perfect touch for pure indulgence for your guests.

It is really important to carry the theme and stick with the colors for the wedding reception. This is very easy to do in a cost effective manner when hosting a tea party wedding reception.

I utilize the three tier afternoon tea party server to carry the colors throughout the room. It can be the centerpieces on the tables, replacing the flowers and serving as the wedding cake.

That is a tall order, but I will tell you, that it works and not only is it absolutely beautiful, it can save you lots of money.

Utilizing the three tiered afternoon tea party server, place cup cakes, each decorated with a beautiful flower and color from the bridal bouquet. Strategically, place these on the bride and grooms table. This will be the flower arrangement, center pieces and wedding cake.

On each of the guests tables, use the three tiered afternoon tea party server to serve scones and sandwiches on the bottom level. On the middle tier serve the cup cakes with the flowers (wedding cake and flowers). The top level serves cookies, petit fours, eclairs, and candies.

Paying attention to small details such as taking time to add extra touches, such as menu cards will be appreciated by your guests.

I do not want to leave you without giving you some suggestions for favors for your guests. In keeping with your budget, I have a few suggestions you will be quite happy with, I am sure. Consider having tea tins made up with the happy couples names and date of marriage. You could even fill the tins with a special blended tea created and named after the happy couple. Also a nice idea is a miniature tea cup with the bride and grooms name on it.

As you are looking for wedding reception ideas consider hosting a tea party. You will find it to be an elegant and impressive event and most important, you can do it on a budget.

Inexpensive wedding reception ideas, used correctly, can enhance your wedding as well as help you stay within your budget. You can make inexpensive choices that are still elegant and classy without looking cheap.

The key is to make subtle changes that don’t stand out and won’t be recognized by the average wedding guest. Set a budget and stay within it using the three ideas listed below.

Here are 3 inexpensive wedding reception ideas:

Eliminate Non-Essentials

There are several areas of wedding planning that are not essential and can be reduced or cut completely. Do a full inventory of everything related to your wedding including your vendors.

Then decide what is absolutely essential and what can possibly be cut. For example, most likely you will want to have photos of your special day, so a photographer would be considered essential.

However, for other things like a videographer or a Rolls Royce you will have to decide how important and essential they are to you. Some of the decisions will be tough but necessary.

Do you really need an extra bouquet to toss at the reception? Or, will your guests really care if you don’t have a sit down dinner?

Get Creative

Thinking inexpensively means thinking creatively. Cocktail wedding receptions are usually a lot of fun for your guests, and if you choose wisely they can also be less expensive than a sit down meal.

Instead of having an open bar, consider serving wine and beer only. You can also have a signature wedding drink served also which will cut down on expenses but still offer your guests another choice at the bar.

Candles make great decorations, can be used as wedding centerpieces and create a great atmosphere. They will also fit nicely into your budget.

Choose flowers that are in season, or consider silk flowers. Many silk flowers are just as beautiful as real, and they typically cost a lot less.

Do Your Homework

There is no reason to pay full price for many things related to your wedding, especially when the economy is bad. Shop around for things like wedding favors and invitations. The Internet is a great tool that allows you to do a lot of research in a short amount of time.

Many websites have clearance sections, and smaller bridal stores will typically cut prices to move stock. Try to time your shopping at the turn of the seasons as last years models will be moved out for newer items.

For vendors, going with the cheapest option is often not the best approach. Research and talk to a range of different vendors and weigh other factors like experience, references and quality of work when making important vendor decisions.