Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas For Your Special Day

If you are looking for inexpensive wedding reception ideas, this article will give you some great tips. Planning a wedding reception that does not cost too much is easy when you pick an off-peak season timeframe, leverage connections you already have in the local area, and choose a casual reception instead of a formal sit-down dinner. By the time you have finished reading this article you will be well prepared to plan a wedding reception everyone loves at a fraction of the usual cost.

Often when you are trying to save money on something, you have to accept lesser quality. Not in this case – you can have the exact same quality wedding reception as everyone else for pennies on the dollar by picking an off-peak time for your wedding. Typically the peak season for weddings is in the summer. If you have your wedding in the fall or winter, demand will be lower for all of the wedding related services such as catering, DJ’s, and flowers. The reception space will usually be cheaper too, and you can decorate with a festive seasonal theme that everyone will love.

Another great money saving tip is by taking advantage of your personal connections. You may know someone who is really into photography, for example. You do not necessarily have to convince them to be your wedding photography to save money, but talking to them may reveal some tips about hiring a local photographer for less than you might have spent if you just turned to the “wedding photography” section of the yellow pages. Even if you don’t know any one with those kinds of skills you can still sit down and chat with all of your girlfriends who have already gotten married and ask them to share tips on how they were able to find bargains.

If you are hosting a formal wedding, then unfortunately it is going to cost some serious money. Sit down dinners, elaborate floral arrangements, and expensive entertainment all add up. To save money on your wedding reception, consider toning down the formality and hosting a casual cocktail party or just coffee and cake. Your guests will still enjoy the party and will be freer to mingle with each other than if they were tied down to a place setting for most of the night. Another idea that is less expensive than a sit-down meal is a more casual buffet style dinner, which will allow your guests more variety in the food choices and make sure there is something for everyone.

As you can see, there are a lot of good tips to finding inexpensive wedding reception ideas. You can have the exact same wedding for cheaper by planning it in the fall or winter. You can also leverage your personal connections to find alternative vendors and discounts. And, you can save money by making the reception more of a casual and festive experience instead of an ultra-formal event. Now you are well prepared to save money as you plan your wedding reception.