Fall Wedding Receptions – Wedding Reception Ideas for Fall Weddings

Are you looking for fall wedding receptions ideas? You and your mate finally selected fall as your season of choice for the big day. Fall, also known as autumn, symbolizes harvest and transition from summer to winter. Why not celebrate through an outdoor autumn wedding to marvel at the drama and color of the season as the leaves display change? As you go about planning and scoping for wedding ideas and fall wedding receptions, here are noteworthy wedding reception ideas for that celebration of a lifetime.

There maybe lots of wedding ideas for the fall as the romantic colors of natures starts changing. How about going a little bit more edgy and extraordinary with your fall wedding receptions selection? Try the Halloween wedding reception ideas, opt for Halloween colors such as orange, black, and gold to portray the occasion. For centerpieces, why not have pumpkins carved in unique designs instead of the run-of-the-mill grinning jack-o-lantern?

Consider batteries as the source of light that can be plugged easily nearby to avoid any problems during the event. What are weddings without favors? Prepare homemade chocolates or iced sugar cookies shaped in ghosts, pumpkins, sun, moon, stars, and bundle together in cellophane or Halloween inspired bags or boxes tied with black and orange ribbons.

Harvest Reception or autumn or fall symbolizes harvest and abundance in nature. Celebrate abundance in your romance with these autumn wedding reception ideas. Select vivid autumn colors in the likes of red, orange, gold, and brown for that festive and momentous celebration. Accessorize your centerpieces with fruits and vegetables that your guests may bring home and serve as tokens and remembrance other than autumn wedding reception pictures.

Autumn wedding favors for fall receptions should be in resonance with the theme. Wedding favors may be made of small jars of homemade jams, jellies, applesauce, pickles, or sauces. A little bit sentimental? Why not favor guests with fall leaf bookmarks that they may remember you and your day in between book readings.

Autumn receptions may also be celebrated during thanksgiving weekend! Why not celebrate with the whole family since most may be in town as well as good old friends from back in the day? Select from a compelling palette of rust, burgundy, brown, tan, gold, orange, yellow, cranberry, wine or hunter green for your theme. For your centerpiece, primp your reception with cornucopias with seasonal fruits and flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses, daisies, lilies, yarrows, orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers, baby breath, fall leaves, and dried wheat. Delight your guests with their favorite candies or how about that popularized caramel apples that suit their taste buds?

Fall wedding receptions are dramatic, vivid, and full of change, life, and abundance. One must deeply consider the reason for the celebration and the season as the couple embarks to the journey of marriage.