Fall Wedding Reception Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for fall wedding reception ideas? You will definitely want to read this article, which covers some of the most important considerations when planning a wedding in the fall. After you have finished reading this article, you will be prepared to choose a venue, select appropriate colors and decorations, and come up with unique ideas for your party favors.

How Do I Determine a Location For my Fall Wedding?

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and many climates are actually perfect for hosting an outdoor wedding. If you live in an area with good weather, consider a nice rustic location such as an apple orchard or farm. Fall inspires a feeling of getting back to our roots – the nostalgia of the leaves changing colors, hayrides and pumpkin patches, and hot spiced cider in the brisk air.

For an indoor reception, there are still many ways to capitalize on the traditions of the season. You might consider a traditional banquet or reception hall with dark wood trim and furniture. A beautiful fireplace is always an appropriate choice for fall wedding receptions too.

What Kinds of Colors and Decorations Are Appropriate For a Fall Wedding Reception?

There is no hard and fast rule, but many people choose to use the traditional browns, reds, bright yellows, and fiery orange tones for their wedding reception color palette. These colors evoke a feeling of festive ambience and remind people of the holiday season. Traditional seasonal decorations, such as gourds, squashes, and pumpkins can make great centerpiece ideas. Consider placing cornucopias around the food service tables.

In addition to the colors and place settings, you might add a touch of scent to the air. Potpourri, candles scented with cloves or cinnamon, or even a steaming bowl of spiced cider can add to the overall ambience of a wedding reception in the fall. Some of my favorite memories come back to me when I catch a whiff of a familiar smell!

What Are Appropriate Party Favors?

Traditionally, Fall is a time that is associated with the end of the growing season and preserving the harvest. People are thinking about maple syrups, canned preserves, and abundant fall fruits like apples. If you live in a region known for growing outstanding produce, consider offering your guests a homemade jar of preserves. Up north, decorative bottles of a local maple syrup is a popular choice for fall wedding favors. Be creative, and tie in your local traditions with your seasonal choices.

A Fall wedding has a number of advantages. You can be more creative with your decorations and theme than you would with a traditional Summer wedding, and because the peak wedding season ends in the fall, you may be able to spend less as well. Hopefully you can now see how easy it is to put together fall wedding reception ideas that are creative, tasteful, and will create a memorable occasion for you and your guests!