Don’t Get Stuck Paying $25 a Plate – Great Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

It’s no surprise that the cost of your wedding reception is supposed to be half of your budget-once you start researching venues and gathering prices, you see right away that wedding reception venues are meant to clear out an excited bride’s wallet. You don’t have to go that route! There are some awesome cheap wedding reception ideas that can save you a lot of money.

o If you want to save the most money possible, rule out any venue that requires you to use their in-house caterer. This will always be more expensive than price shopping-independent caterers are more responsive to their customers’ needs and are more willing to work with your budget.

o In the event that you really want to have your reception at a hotel or banquet hall that uses an in-house caterer, consider booking a “party”, not a “wedding reception”. Many people have booked a party, then called and booked a wedding for the same night, same amount of guests, and same amount of food. In just about every case, the price quote for a wedding reception was considerably higher than a party price quote-for no reason other than the fact that it was a wedding! Be careful if you do this-at some point, they’ll realize it’s a wedding, and you have to think if it’s worth it to you possibly getting charged more once they figure it out.

o Compare, compare, compare! Look at as many different caterers’ menus as you can-you’ll get the best idea for pricing in your area and have a bargaining ground to start with.

o If there’s a certain restaurant or type of food you love, even if it’s not traditional wedding food, check it out! My wedding reception was catered by Qdoba-hardly typical wedding food, but everyone loved it and it was a lot cheaper than a regular caterer.

o Some reception halls and reception venues don’t require that your food be from a licensed food distributor. If you have a large church family or group of friends that love to cook, think about doing a potluck-homemade food is delicious and most of the times, better than restaurant food. You will save lots of money and everyone will get to contribute to your wedding!

Although this may seem like a more difficult way of planning your reception, it will be worth the money you save! Another perk is that your guests will notice the individuality present in your wedding and remember it forever.