Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for cheap wedding reception ideas, there are a lot of important questions you should consider. After reading this article you will know a lot more about reducing your liquor costs, cutting your guest list down the smart way, and using the staff at your reception hall to your advantage. Read on to see answers to some of the most popular questions.

How Do I Keep My Beverage Costs Down?

Depending on the local liquor laws, you may be able to bring your own liquor to the reception. I am not talking about asking your guests to each bring a bottle of wine or a six pack! Consider going to a discount big box store that offers discounted wine, beer, and spirits and prices that are almost as low as wholesale. By bringing your own to the party you can avoid the outrageous mark-ups charged by most caterers and reception halls, and use the money you save on other parts of your wedding budget.

How Do I Limit My Guest List Appropriately?

The bigger the reception, the more expensive it will be. Sometimes you have to make the hard choice to eliminate some of your guest list in order to provide the kind of reception you want to host. Here is a trick you can use: Make a list of every single person that you would ideally like to share your special day. Now, order the list placing the absolute “must haves” at the top, such as immediate family and your very closest friends. Below those guests, list everyone else in gradually descending order of importance. Now, as you are forced to cut the size of the guest list you can remove people from the bottom. This way you know that no matter how small the list gets, the people who remain on it are the most important to you.

How Can I Avoid the Cost of a Wedding Planner?

If you are planning a large, formal, elaborate ceremony and reception then you will most likely have to hire a professional wedding planner to help you manage the details. Large formal weddings are costly and the amount of details that go into planning them can be overwhelming. However, if you are hosting a smaller more casual event you might be able to leverage the staff at your reception hall. Many hotels that rent their banquet rooms for wedding receptions will have event planning staff that you can use. These professionals have great local contacts for flowers, catering, decorations, and dance music. If you can use their expertise to help you plan the reception then you may not need your own wedding planner at all.

As you can see, finding cheap wedding reception ideas is not all that difficult. With a little creativity and extra legwork you will find that you can throw the same extravagant and luxurious wedding reception as the truly wealthy but at a fraction of the cost. All it takes is some proper management of the beverage costs, guest list size, and cost in planning the details.