Wedding Reception Ideas For a Budget

You remember how much fun a wedding reception can be. If you received a small favor to take home you will usually remember that. It’s like getting a gift for having fun. The more creative the gift the better! If the favor is useful and not just playful then it almost guarantees you will keep it around and recreate the party in your mind when you see it.

Some brides do not provide wedding reception favors, which may be a lack of planning, or for budgetary concerns, but in any event when they are present they are very much appreciated!

When planning your wedding consider adding wedding favors at the welcoming table, guest book area, or better yet – at the dinner table. Your guests will appreciate them, and it allows you the opportunity to thank them for the effort they had to make to join you in your celebration.

Wedding reception favors can come in different forms, and can be a functional part of your décor as well as a “Thank You” gift.

Take into consideration your place settings. There are so many unique and wonderful wedding favors that can be used as place settings, even if that is not what they were made for. Your imagination is the only limit you will have as to what you can come up with. Some wedding favors are whimsical, some are ornate and elegant, and some can be color coordinated to your décor. In any event, they don’t have to be expensive. With good planning you can come up with creative and appropriate wedding favor ideas that won’t break your budget, and will show you to be a great hostess as well.

Many wedding reception favor gifts can be purchased in bulk, at wonderfully discounted prices.

Candles could provide ambiance will providing wonderful table decorations. They can be purchased in bulk, in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, and give an atmosphere of romance and elegance. Small picture frames also make a wonderful wedding reception idea. Place the name of your guest inside the frame as a place setting and later they can insert a picture of their choice inside.

Personalize wine glasses for your bridal party so they can toast to your happiness in style, as well as take them home afterward as bridal party gifts. You can add a bottle of wine for them as well as a special touch, and that will take care of your wedding party gifts.

Candy boxes or tins are another option. They can be purchased in bulk at extremely low prices and you can fill them with gum, mints or even decadent chocolate for a special treat. Your guests will love them and they fit into a pocket or purse easily to carry home.

Another creative reception idea would be to hand out audio CDs filled with the songs that were played on your special day.

As you can see, small and inventive wedding reception favors don’t have to break your budget, and will be remembered long after the party is over. Take the time, and figure the cost into your budget to make your guests feel appreciated. After all, you are sharing one of the biggest days in your life, and you want others to remember it as much as you do.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

The reception is something that the bride and the groom and relatives always worry about. This party element of the wedding and the after ceremony merriment when the Father would announce the couple as Man and Wife. This is the time to relax and enjoy the music, the toast raising speech, funny things by friends and jokes by all regarding the couple and other such things. But this is the most terrific headache for the wedding couple and their relatives because they take every measure to make the reception perfect and unique in all ways. Let us discuss some unique reception ideas to help you get rid of the tensions that you are undergoing.

Wedding reception centerpiece

This is the something that most wedding planers give more interest and attention to. The centerpiece along with the food, the decoration, the fine wine and the colorful ambiance always give a pleasant feeling to all guests and the wedding couple. To make the reception a grand and elaborate affair, you would off course need to get the perfect and unique centerpieces. This is the first tip of the unique wedding reception ideas that you should remember.

Style and Decor for Comfortable Party

The reception must in all ways be comfortable and include favors that coordinate with the guests and provide a pleasant atmosphere for all. Look at the style and decor of the ceremony. The decoration has lot to do with the mental feeling of the couple and also the locations. The wedding ceremonies decoration makes elaborate statement to guests and tells them how much the host party cares for them.

Check the Catering Services and Wine

While keeping in mind the unique reception ideas don’t forget the catering service and the menu of your wedding. The wedding reception has to be a blast for all with the finest menus and wines for the guest to dine with. It must be something that they remember in days to come. For that off course you have to work little hard in finding the best catering service that comes in affordable price and that is possible in your way with the help of internet.

The wedding planner too can help you with some unique wedding reception ideas while you discuss the plan with them. They are professional people and exactly know what it means to have an extravagant, elaborate and special reception. They can provide you better ideas and you can also share your ideas with them and the formal discussion and ideas would land you people to some position where you can really have a perfect reception.

Lounge Areas and Dance Floors and Other Features

While planning your reception with the wedding planner don’t forget the lounge areas and the dance floors. They are unique part of wedding reception. And if you have chosen some wedding singers to perform during the wedding, you need to provide him the selective numbers that he or she should croon. And try to add elements in the reception like candy bars, cigar bars and other such items, which would really make the reception a unique affair.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas That Are Chic and Cheap

If you’re like any other bride to be, you’re probably thinking of a way to lessen that post wedding reception expense but without sacrificing the quality of the whole experience. Don’t worry there are many cheap wedding reception ideas that won’t break the bank but still look good.

One great chunk of the whole cost of receptions is the location it is going to be held at. Check out a few local establishments in your area to find out which of these offer reception services. You should check every place out to find a perfect offer that won’t sacrifice the quality of the reception experience. These areas should first be reasonably priced but should also be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Another simple alternative to the whole reception scenario would be to have it at home or at the home of relatives. Don’t be fooled though, “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t do your homework. You’re still going to check out different catering services for the cost of their reception or party packages. By doing this you should be able to get an estimate as to how much you will have to shell out for such a reception. These packages should include the rental and use of tables, cutlery, food services and if possible, waiting services.

If you’re one who enjoys being close to nature, you might want to consider having your reception at a local park or reserve. You should contact the owners if they are privately owned and ask for permission. If the park is a government managed area then you should call your town hall to ask for permission about holding a party. These parks may have rules and regulations you aren’t aware of. These rules may be about the number of allowable people, the volume of the music played or any other requests the managing group may have. The look you can achieve at parks is so natural that this should become the theme of the reception. This could be maintained by having beautiful rose arrangement set up at the canopy being used.

If you enjoy cooking, you might want to take control of the food preparations yourself. You can cook your whole menu earlier and freezing it to prepare it for the reception. You can even make it a family affair by gathering your relatives a day prior to the date of the reception. It will surely be a day of fun for the entire family.

Great ideas include simple recipes such as rolled meats, rosemaried potatoes, decorated salmon dishes, stuffed tomatoes, pastry hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized chocolate cakes or strawberries dipped in chocolate.

If you don’t have time to take on cooking yourself you may want to call in the catering services. Like any other service though, call around to pick out the group which suits your taste and budget.

If you decide to hold your reception at an area that doesn’t have cutlery and other dining items, you might as well rent them from another source. There are many establishments that specifically offer this service. Search your local listings for a great offer.

Your wedding favors may also be composed of food. You can buy chocolate molds that are available at most craft supply shops. You should then buy chocolate, melt it, pour it in the molds and then chill. Seal these chocolates well and then decorate them with pretty bows before the big day comes.